Wednesday, September 25, 2013

De La Soul's Buhloone Mindstate: 20 Years Later

By 1993, De la Soul had etched their place in Hip Hop history. Their first two albums, 3 Feet High & Rising and De La Soul Is Dead had made their mark and are considered some of the greatest albums of all time. Their 3rd album, Buhloone Mindstate, may not have been as commercially successful as the albums before it, but after 20 years, its time to give credit where credit is due and award the monicker of classic to this album as well.

Released on September 21, 1993; Buhloone Mindstate was a refusal to change their style of music for anyone else, even if it were to become popular. It contains DLS classics like Breakadawn & Ego Trippin' Part Two.

The album was arguable more cohesive than its predecessors and showed some maturity from the group. It may have taken me 20 years to follow suit, but upon listening to this album today, not only is an audio time capsule to my later high school years, but its timeless. It's jazzy production and deep lyricism keeps the deepest of hip hop heads in audio bliss.

psychology celebrates the 20th anniversary of Buhloone Mindstate by blowing off the dust on the DITR archives and fishing out The Diamond In The Rough: The De La Soul Eulogy.

The Freshest: Liveset 4.0

Kutcorners & Marvel, doin' it right..

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Evolution of End Zone Dancing

Wih the NFL season started, Justin Timberlake joins Jimmy Fallon on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to walk (or dance) us through the history of end zone dances

White Women coming soon

Chromeo's trailer for their latest album, White Women; coming soon.

Nike Air Max 90 Premium Holiday 2013 Camo Pack

Coming to your favourite Nike dealer this October.

Sometimes technology moves too fast for us and we have a hard time letting go of old habits, like post it notes. Although iPhones have great apps for taking notes, you just can't beat the bright yellow sticky notes. The people over at ILoveHandles have made a sticky note that you can post on the back of your phone and dispose of once complete.

Happy Birthday Nas

Today (Sept 14), Nas celebrates his 40th birthday. Beginning his musical career in 1991 on Main Source's Live At The Barbecue, Nas has released 13 studio albums and is recognized as one of hip hop's most prolific & gifted MCs.

psychology celebrates the birthday of Nasir Jones by digging in the archives and resurrecting, The Diamond In The ROugh: The Nas Session

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Iggy Azalea: Change Your Life Feat. T.I.

Once you go grace, you never go good...

Eminem: Berzerk

'Bout to go ham, ya bish, shout out to Kendrick...

Jim Henson The Biography

A worthwhile read into the life of the creator of Kermit the Frog, Bert and Ernie, Miss Piggy, Big Bird and more.

The ChargeCard

Looking for a convenient way to carry around a phone charger with carrying extra cables? Enter the ChargeCard. It fits in your wallet and will charge your phone just as well as the standard cables.

So ditch the useless Blockbuster membership card and cop the ChargeCard.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Today (Aug 29, 2013), Michael Jackson would have celebrated his 55th birthday. Michael will always be honoured and remembered as the King Of Pop. His contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

The seventh child of the Jackson family, he made his debut onto the professional music scene at the age of 11 as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1969, then began a solo career in 1971 while still a member of the group. His 1982 album Thriller remains the world's best-selling record of all time and four of his other solo studio albums are among the world's best-selling records: Off The Wall, Bad, Dangerous & HIStory.

psychology pays tribute to Michael Jackson with the Diamond In The Rough: The Michael Jackson Tribute.

RIP Michael Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Jay-Z: Holy Grail Feat. Justin Timberlake

I just can't crack your code

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rap Coloring Book

Bun B & Shea Serrano must have smoked something good. The result of their mind merge is one of the most entertaining & interactive Tumblr accounts out there. Rap Coloring Book is a collection of printable rap-related coloring and activity pages.

From Haikus for DJ Khaled to Rap Easter Egg holders, Rap coloring book is worth adding to your tumblr feed.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Range Smart Thermometer

Master the grill and stove top with the Range Smart Thermometer. Correct temperature and time are critical to making so much good food (and drink). With recipe graphs, you'll be able to watch temperature over time, share and compare with past batches.

Here's a tip; grab an old iPod and connect the Range Smart Thermometer. Walk away and prep another part of dinner, vacuum and/or watch the game and let the push notifications alert you when your meal has achieved the desired temperature. Welcome to the 21st century of cooking...